One day on her way home from school Louise invented an invisible friend whom she calls Papaya. Now they are playing together every day and they travel to the planet Miraiko to collect small bugs and stardust or they go to Spain to dance flamenco in the warm nights.

Except from Amalie from school Papaya has become Louise’s best friend.

But Papaya is invisible, and it is not always easy to have an invisible friend… Mom and dad and little sister cannot see her. And Amalie can be a little jealous now and then – even though she does not actually believe that Papaya is for real.

But does the fact that Louise invented Papaya make her less real?

Louise is eight years old. She is living with her parents and two smaller siblings in a little wooden house with an old garden. She spends a lot of time on her own, disappearing into her own fantasy-world of painting, drawing and fantastic stories.



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