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DRONE investigates the consequences of drone warfare. As technology expands at an unprecedented rate we are part of an experiment that changes our wars and possibly our world. Through voices on both sides of this new technology DRONE gives crucial context and new perspectives to the covert CIA drone wars.
Over 3000 people have been killed by drones in Waziristan since 2004. Shahzad Akbar and Clive Stafford Smith are two human rights lawyers who represent the drone victims. They go up against the CIA and their fight for transparency, accountability and justice could change the course of history. Brandon Bryant and Michael Haas have redefined the experience of going to war. As some of our first drone pilots they have killed through joysticks and now suffer the consequences. They unveil important information and unravel some of the mysteries from the inside of the drone war. Their stories are put in perspective by prominent experts who give new insights on the future of warfare. Should robots decide who, when and where to kill? Does the new technology make it too easy to kill or is it saving lives by making war more humane? At this crucial time DRONE asks where we are headed.

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DRONE - This is just the Beginning